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Nutrition for Life

nurtureblend by Juniper Naturals is the only infant formula on the market that utilizes proprietary gentletouch technology. Made in the USA.

The only formula on the market that utilizes gentletouch technology


The gentletouch Difference

Virtually all formula on the market is manufactured using the same conventional, high-heat drying process. Juniper Naturals is THE ONLY FORMULA that uses gentletouch manufacturing, a process that maintains an oil's vital nutritional components.


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How Juniper Began

Juniper Naturals is a truly revolutionary formula infant formula, grounded in nutritional science and developed by a multidisciplinary team.  Learn more about our unique approach. 



Juniper Naturals: For a Growing Child's Growing Needs

After creating a science-based, nutritionally-focused infant formula, we followed the same guiding principles to develop a complementary line of nutritious baby and toddler foods to aid in every stage of your growing little one.